Letter from the founders

We’ve been there too!

It is very difficult to accept the idea that you need to take certain medication for the rest of your entire lives, monitor and adjust dose accordingly, always stay updated about your medication and never get bored of this lifestyle.

You start to do life-time calculations; how much will it cost monthly, how to get it regularly, how to plan for unforeseen shortages, who will be your new friend who will tolerate this new lifestyle and always be there for you.

We get it! We have searched for our medication door to door. We had our low moments sometimes and decided to stop taking the medication. We needed someone with hotline help and consulting about the medication. We needed help with our out-of-pocket cost management. We needed HELP!

This is why we work hard so someday you will “Chefaa” your journey of chronic illness.

We want to be your 911 to compliance and adherence. We want to help you bypass unforeseen shortages by scheduling your recurring prescriptions. We want to help you manage your growing out-of-pocket costs. We worked to help digitize the industry, offering services to all industry stakeholders to better serve YOU.

We see a future where you are in control of your chronic illness. If you want to join your fellow patients, check www.chefaa.com or download the app

We are here with you and for you! Together we lead our way to our new normal!